Friday, April 16, 2010

free writing activity

i wonder what I'm going to do this weekend. i would really like to go down to st. Paul and go to the conservatory, the flowers should be perfect by now. last time i went down their the flowers we rent that good. while I'm down their i would love to go to my favorite tea place called tea source. I'm almost out of my favorite tea called earl grey white tip. i would also like to go down to to bacmens off of lyndale ave. to get ideas for what to plant in our garden this year. i would love to do something really different this year, and while I'm down their I'm gong to try and convince my dad to get new whiskey barrels because the ones that we have are really bad. these are just a few of my favorite things to do on the weekend with my family. spring is one of my favorite times of the year, its a time when the weather starts to get warm and our gardens start to grow. i can remember when i first started gardening it was when i was about four, and my mom would let me help her when she was able to garden. its hard work but its so much fun to watch and see all the changes.